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Pace Bend Press is a small publishing company started in 2014 to publish my dreams in ebook form. Since the inception, I’ve published under twelve pen names and learned a bunch of lessons. Mostly, I learned that I don’t have time to write every book that I want to get finished. Dream your dreams, live every moment to the fullest, and never give up on yourself.

Nikki Gragg



Who We Are

Martha Henley published under Threadbare Books

Psychological thriller novels, novellas, and horror shorts.

Nikki Henley published under Dimple Books

Cozy Mystery, children’s fiction, and YA magical realism.

Simply Dimp published under Pace Bend Press

Blank sketchbook and lined 6 x 9 paperback journal notebooks.

New for 2o24 Planned Releases


Simply Dimp is also the name of our Ebay store

Because we are prone to shiny object sysndrome, we are drawn to garage sales and thrift store shopping. To manage our purchasing habits, we resell nostaligic items, unique collections, new and used clothing at reasonable prices. Please come see what Simply Dimp on Ebay has to offer.

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Pace Bend Press is here for you.


Chat With An Expert

Tooting my own horn here, I’ve been publishing since 2014 and have hit the publish button over 2,000 times on ten distribution sites. I love publishing!

Not the best at marketing, but I’ve done everything myself. Websites, mailing list sign ups, arc books, promos, cta’s, descriptions, bundles, and compiling with Scrivener, Vellum and Atticus.

No question is too big or small. Can’t guarantee I have all the answers or even the best ones, but I have the internet. Contact me through my social media links below.


Resources for You

Check the page link above that says For Authors. I’ve compiled some requested resources on that page.

There’s even download’s of my early non-fiction books on publishing. Times have changed drastically since 2015. They’re there to prove that an author can grow and evolve.

If you’re searching for an outline, I have six examples. Not mine, but they’ve come in handy over the years.

If you write steamy, this Adult Tagged author has resources for you, too.



Complete the Circle

Karma circles good to those who give. I have these resources for your writing career to thrive. I ask nothing in return, but if you happen to like my work, please pay it forward.

Not asking for any purchases, but share the knowledge you gain. To quote a wise mentor, “A rising tide floats all boats.” When we work together, we increase the quality of the entire industry.

One more piece of advice, Simple is profitable. Complicated is interesting. Which do you want to be?