Parentheticals – Long word, serious shortcuts.

– by: Pace Bend Press

parenthetical  (adjective)

par·​en·​thet·​i·​cal | \ ˌper-ən-ˈthe-ti-kəl  

Definition of parenthetical

: of, relating to, or expressed in a parenthesis

a parenthetical remark/comment/note

(I saw this word used somewhere I new it was what I wanted to title my Misc Information page in Screvener.)

I keep this and two other pages at the top of my Scrivener project. This is what is on the parenthetical page.

(At the top of the page)

About the Author

Whatever short bio you havefor retailer sites. Google Play and Barnes & Noble both ask for your bio to be pasted in each time a book is published. Have it ready at the top of the page.

Series Lists

I list out all the series under this pen name.

Series Call to Action Paragraphs

This is the paragraph that is the last one after the blurb to remind buyers to buy the book and start reading. Here is one of Sharon Love’s CTA’s.

Filthy neighbors desire and lust for sexual gratification in the Her Filthy Neighbor Series. They offer limited backstory, so you can get to the good parts fast. Climax quick with this erotic sharing love short story. Tap the buy button and experience a satisfying ending for yourself.

I also put this at the top of the blurb page for the series.

Keywords Strings

Both for Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

ON A SEPARATE PAGE (The second, but equally important page in the scrivener project.)

Clean Title List

This is a list of the title names exactly as they are published.

No dates, no links, no extra commas. Keep it clean so they can be copied and pasted where they are needed.

ON A THIRD PAGE in the scrivener project.


Start with Series Name – ##

The next paragraph is the CTA for the series. Keep it at about three sentences. Last one asking the reader to buy the book.

Then I order the series with a code. The first in the Her Filthy Neighbor Series is coded N1.

The list looks like this


Title of erotic short

Blurb for the erotic short


Title of the next short.

Etc through the series. I usually bold the code or title as it is published. On this list I will sometimes add the publishing date.

About The Author

Nikki Gragg is the owner of Pace Bend Press. Six years in the business and thousands of books published, this process has saved countless valuble minutes.