Quick and Dirty Erotica Outlines

– by: Adult Tagged

Pre-writing notes for yourself:

1. Figure out who’s playing and which POV you’ll be using.

2. Location?

3. Any conflict?

4. Emotional change?

5. Kink?

6. Toys?

7. Oral?

8. Positions?

Now, on to the steps!

Breakdown For Erotic Shorts Formula – Page count plan for a 4000 words.

Page One – First 300 words

Introduce the protagonist with a few paragraphs.

Explain in detail why she needed to fulfill her desires in this story.

Don’t leave out emotions or quirky details.

Page Two – 300 – 600 words

Introduce the lover of the story.

Why is he the one to make this story happen?

Describe in detail his looks and how he makes her feel.

Page Three – 600 – 900 words

Increase the sexual tension between the two including flirting.

This may take minutes, hours days or over the course of weeks.

Page Four – 900 – 1200 words

Move them to their sex destination.

Details of the trip to the bedroom, hotel, backyard, storage room, backseat, etc.

Don’t miss a single heart flutter. While she’s journeys to complete her mission.

Describe all the feelings she has about this act.

(See below for my seven steps)

Page Five – Step One 1200 – 1500 words

Step one, hellos and undressing.

Page Six  – Step Two 1500 – 1800 words

Step two, petting and kissing

Page Seven – Step Three 1800 – 2100 words

Step three, oral sex.

Page Eight – Step Four 2100 – 2400 words

Step four, insertion.

Page Nine – Step Five 2400 – 2700 words

Step five, movement in rhythm.

Page Ten – Step Six 2700 – 3000 words

Step six change positions.

Page Eleven – Step Seven 3000 – 3300 words

Step seven, climaxing for both.

Page Twelve – 3300 – 3600 words

Let’s do this again. Relax and button up afterwards.

Page Thirteen – 3600 – 3900 words

What do we do now?

Don’t miss any details in wrapping this up. Complete the story how it needs to be. She leaves quickly or he does. They sleep in each others arms, they get interrupted by someone in power or they simply go their separate ways.

Seven Steps to Writing Sex For Erotic Shorts Formula

First Step Exploration

Includes undressing and revealing body parts.

Could include first kiss.

Second Step Petting

Includes handling body parts. With lips and hands.

Any oral sex is in the next part.

Could include heavy kissing here.

Third Step Oral Sex

Includes any kissing of the pussy, dick and ass.

Both male and female are pleasured here.

Fourth Step Insertion

Includes getting into position, lining up and first taking in of the dick in the pussy or ass.

Include reactions to fast slide in, slow and tempting, and friction induced.

Also include lubing up the holes including the ass.

Fifth Step Movement

Includes the actual ins and outs of sex.

Thrusting and writhing.

Slow and fast.

Awkward and in synch.

Sixth Step Change Positions

Includes moving the bodies to gain access in different positions.

Once in position refer to the chapter above for moving again.

Seventh Step Climax

Includes the obvious orgasm.  For both female and male.

Could include slow and orgasm control or quick and explosive.

Also includes where the output ends up.

On the face, body, in the pussy and cream pies boxing out.

Final step the after burner thoughts and collapsing from release.

Finally, because I can never find where I’ve saved this fun information I’m adding it here.

From a Zoologists Study on Intimacy this is how animals mate. It can be used to build human mating, too.

1. Eye to Body

2. Eye to Eye

3. Voice to Voice

4. Hand to Hand/Arm

5. Arm to Shoulder Evasive and Intimate

6. Mouth to Mouth

7. Hand to Head

8. Hand to Body

9. Mouth to Breast

10. Hand to Genitals

11. Genitals to Genitals

About The Author

Nikki Davis writes as Alexa Lynch on Adult Tagged. These outlines have helped her along her erotica writing journey.