Henley Sisters

Which one do you identify with the most?

Good or Evil

Nikki Henley

Family friendly series written for the young at heart.

Curious in Eubanks is a paranormal cozy mystery and short story series deeply rooted in Nikki’s love for family, friendship, and laughter. Protagonist Nicole Scott is the mother of the heroine of the Legends series. One world connected across generations of story tellers.

The Legends series is the project of Nikki’s heart. The characters were birthed while her now grown children were toddlers asking for bedtime stories.

The Wish series, an urban fantasy trilogy is set in a world changed by a magical wish book. Society revolves around obtaining the book and making a true wish. This series has book one finished, but is on hold until all three books are finished.

Martha Henley

Same woman, just the another side. Creepy, and psychologically thrilling.

Death and Donuts Domestic Thrillers are full length novels with a main protagonist, serial killers, and recurring side characters. Spoiler alert, one of them might be a serial killer.


The Live your life, die your death series of horror shorts vary in length, subject matter, and intensity. Each one is a creepy look into the mind of the author.


Martha’s latest series revolves around the twisted game of the Simon Says Killer. The Reunion Pact, a cozy suspense thriller series. One amateur sleuth solving cold cases with the help of a detective who is closely involved in the murders.

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Adult Tagged

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