The Henley Sisters are similar in many ways and different in others. It’s as if they had the same experiences growing up to inspire the books they’re compelled to write.


Martha Henley

I do believe serial killers exist and walk among us. I also believe we make our own choices in life. Some choose to spend each day living and others spend their days waiting to die. Which path do you take?

My thrillers and short stories focus on living life before our inevitable demise catches up to us. If you like to read about odd characters captures on the page then you’ll like my stories.


Nikki Henley

Hi, I’m Nikki Henley and all I ever wanted to do was tell stories. I told so many to my children at bedtime it turned into a whole world.

Curious in Eubanks is dedicated to my family. They’re all standalone stories with no swearing or graphic details.

In late 2018 and mid 2019 I’ll be launching two new series, The Wish Book series, a YA Magical Realism and The Legend Tree series, a magical realism middle grade series. It happens about twenty years after Curious in Eubanks and features the children of Eubanks when they are teenagers.

When a Legend is remembered, it lives. Once it’s forgotten it fades away.

Thank you for reading!