Pen Name Resources

Controlling Pen Name Madness

 Spreadsheet for authors.

– by: Pace Bend Press

Our Parenthetical Page layout

Long word, short cut help.

– by: Pace Bend Press

Sample Copyright for Back and Front Matter


– by: Pace Bend Press

Erotica Resources

Adult words used on these pages.

Avoid these terms or get blocked

Blurb Tip Infographic

– by: Adult Tagged

Keyword String Madness

Examples to get you started

– by: Adult Tagged

Quick and Dirty Erotica Outlines

Steps to clmactic endings

– by: Adult Tagged

Types of Outlines

Horror Ten Steps

Horror Movie Scripts – 10 Steps To Writing A Horror Screenplay

– by: Henrik Holmberg

Smarter Artist 40 Sentence Plot Template

– by: Sterling & Stone

Seven Point Story Structure


– by: Dan Wells

The Hero's Journey

A classic 12 stage plot structure that’s been adapted for decades.

– original concept by: Joseph Campbell

The Story Grid Method

A five step method to form each scene, chapter, and novel.

– by: Shawn Coyne

The Lester Dent Pulp Fiction Plot Formula

How to write a 6000 word story, 1500 words at a time. 

– by: Lester Dent

Non-fiction by Pace Bend Press

Originally published in 2015. The market has changed, but the principles are still helpful.

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What’s Next? 60 Website Links for Authors and The End! What’s Next? are PDF’s that can be downloaded.