Controlling Pen Name Madness with a Spreadsheet

– by: Pace Bend Press

After keeping track of multiple pen names for six years, I’ve fine tuned a few steps. The pages here are where I start. This is a work in progress. Hopefully, with input from a few beta users the spreadsheet will evolve.

There are no locks on these sheets. This is all basic.

Fill in, change, rearrange, make this spreadsheet your jumping off point to controlling your business needs. Our journeys are different. I don’t do AMS ads, if you do, add a column or copy a sheet and retitle everything to fit your needs.

Copyright – Controlling Pen Name Madness is a work in progress title for an upcoming non-fiction book. Please don’t steal it.

© 2021 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED By Pace Bend Press

About The Author

Nikki Gragg is the owner of Pace Bend Press. It is her experience of hitting the publish button over two thousand times that spawned the idea for this spreadsheet and possible future non-fiction book.